Highest Paying Welding Jobs In The Us

What follows is a description of the highest paying welding jobs available.

Highest paying welding jobs in the us. The following gives an overview of the five states with the highest levels of employment for welding jobs. The next four states with the highest paying welding jobs are north dakota west virginia wyoming and nevada. I think the money is at any job that s dangerous.

This equates to an annual salary of 37 999. The top 10 percent of welders in north dakota make an average of 39 05 an hour. As an occupation welding comes with a great deal of satisfaction but it is also a highly competitive trade which requires those considering it to weigh their options carefully.

So if you don t want to be stuck in a dirty shop with small pay consider specializing in one of these highest paying welding jobs. Underwater welders 54 750 300 000 underwater welders are the mvps of the welding world. Did you know that a welder can equal or even outearn what the average doctor or lawyer makes.

As a result they have highest paying welding jobs and highly are sought after. These opinions often hint at the truth but one person s experience rarely. Hawaii is a land of water which means most jobs for welders will be underwater welding.

Three best paid welding jobs. So the rate of pay and available opportunities widely vary in the industry. Highest paying welding jobs in hawaii.

In west virginia they make 37 88 in wyoming they make 35 23 and in nevada they make 34 38. The highest paying welding jobs of 2020 as of september 27 2017 the average pay for a welder in the u s. But this depends on what type of welder one is.

However the type of welding you specialize in can affect how much you make. Highest paying welding career options welders apply heat to metal parts using hand held or remote controlled tools in order to cut fill and permanently join said parts. Bureau of labor statistics bls data from may 2015 for welders cutters solderers and brazers 51 4121.

If you are interested in building a career in any of these fields it s best that you read and fully understand what your future job entails. Salary and employment numbers are based on u s. There is money to be made in the oilfield.

If you wish to be a certified underwater welder with a high paying price then go for none other state than hawaii. The 3 highest paying welding careers.

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